10 Crazy Things You Didn’t Know About Master Bro, Bill Murray

From BroBible:

Bill Murray, much like Hugh Hefner–is on the high council of Bros. From SNL, to Ghostbusters and Zombieland, when you see his name in the credits, it’s one that doesn’t incite any rage in a Bro soul, unlike the name Keanu or Robert Pattinson. He showed us that life is the ultimate party and anyone can have their own “Cinderella story.” If your new roommate can’t tell you at least 6 Bill Murray films that are among his favorites, they are not a Bro and should be considered an enemy–to be dealt with in an extremely violent and hostile manner! He just celebrated his birthday so let’s celebrate with 10 little-known facts about the legend that could potentially turn your brain into oatmeal to be devoured by the thousand year old spirit of Wilford Brimley.

Agents Are Obsolete to Him

Bill Murray has had such a long run at being a top rated, highly decorated badass Bro, that the guy has given the finger to representation. That’s right, Bill doesn’t have some clown filtering his movie scripts. An 800 number is the only way ANYONE can pitch a movie script to Bill. The man weeds through the pitches on his 800 number and if he thinks it’s interesting, you’ll have a visit from Dr. Peter Venkman himself!

He Played The Human Torch on a Fantastic Four Radio Show

Back in the day, radio used to be the conduit to which to bestow awesomeness upn the minds of the masses. It was truly theater of the brain and there were crazy themed radio action shows as recently as the seventies. In the seventies, after you took a huge bong-rip–you would sit back and listen to the action packed “Fantastic Four Radio Show. It was based on the comic book and starred a bunch of nobodies, except for one. Bill motherf**king Murray played The Human Torch. The Human Torch is of course the ultimate super hero for Bros, as he NEVER steals your lighter.

He Once Broke Robert De Niro’s Nose

When you think of Bill Murray, street-fighting ass-whooper is not exactly what comes to mind. Apparently, Bill Murray ain’t nothin’ to f**k with… due to his deadly accurate clumsiness. He accidentally broke Robert De Niro’s nose on the set of “Mad Dog and Glory.” Surprisingly, De Niro didn’t immediately try to strangle him with a phone cord and he survived.

He Crashes NYC Parties and Dishes Out Fatherly Advice

Bill Murray has been around the block a few times. During this time he has absorbed a ton of extremely vital information. A true Bro shares his earthly knowledge with his fellow man. And that is exactly what Bill does. He actually wonders around NYC, crashes parties and spoon feeds fatherly advice to anyone that will listen. It doesn’t get anymore Bro than that.

His 3 Strikes in “Kingpin” Were Real

Bowling, or Browling is great because it is a sport that you can actually do super drunk. Some might say it is the perfect Bro sport. In one of the final climactic scenes in the movie, Bill Murray’s character bowls three strikes in a row. Oftentimes in movies this is fake or takes several takes before the footage looks the way they want it. Not with Bill, he actually bowled three strikes in a row and the crowd’s reaction in the movie was genuine.

He Was Considered for the Role of Han Solo in Star Wars

A long time ago, in a galaxy… on the other side of the country, a little-known sci-fi feature film was holding auditions. The movie was going to be different than all of the other sci-fi entertainment ventures before it. The movie was “Star Wars” and as we all know, it introduced us to a smuggling Bro named Han Solo. Quite a few notable celebrities auditioned for the role, Kurt Russel gave it a shot. You probably didn’t know, however, that Bill Murray not only auditioned–but was seriously considered for the role. It would’ve been awesome to see Murray’s wit dealing with that smartass Wookie.

He’s The Team Psychologist for the St. Paul Saints

Bros like baseball. Most Bros play or coach the sport. Not Bill Murray. Due to his extreme genius and inherent knowledge of mental health, he’s an obvious choice to help a team deal with their emotions and mental state. The man actually serves as the team psychologist for a baseball team called the St. Paul Saints. Murray is also part owner of the team. How badass would it be to work through your issues with the guy from “Scrooged.”

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