YouTube Alters Copyright Algorithms, Will ‘Manually’ Review Some Claims

From Wired:

Google-owned YouTube said Wednesday it is altering its algorithms to reduce invalid copyright infringement claims on its video-sharing site and will begin manually reviewing some claims instead of the system automatically blocking disputed footage.

The development comes a month after First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention was wrongly flagged by algorithms just after it aired. YouTube, the official streaming partner of the Democratic National Convention, automatically put a copyright blocking message on the livestream video of the event shortly after it ended.

Thabet Alfishawi, rights management product manager for YouTube, said “mistakes can and do happen” due to the volume of uploaded videos and the sheer number of copyrighted clips uploaded into its automated Content ID service. We at Wired have labeled the algorithm “streaming video’s robotic overlord.”

To address the issue of false positives and outright abuse of the system, he said, “We’ve improved the algorithms that identify potentially invalid claims. We stop these claims from automatically affecting user videos and place them in a queue to be manually reviewed.”

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