EARACHE RECORDS Selling 2,000 Song Compilation For $160

To celebrate two and a half decades of noise, Earache is selling almost 2000 songs from its illustrious catalogue on a custom shaped 8GB USB stick for $160.

Other labels might choose to sue downloaders, but here we give fans approximately £1500.00 worth of music ( at current iTunes prices) for £99.99 It’s a steal.

The music comes on a unique custom Earache rubberised/plastic USB stick which is 8Gb memory and packed full to capacity with our music.

These tracks are fully tagged, correctly labelled and contains albums from all eras of the label. From the 90’s era classics like Carcass, Napalm Death, Morbid Angel, Entombed, to the present day bangers like Woods of Ypres, Cerebral Bore & Evile.

In one drag and drop you’ll instantly gain what most fans would agree is the best value collection of Grind & Death Metal albums ever assembled.

Plus, it’s all legal !