This is the greatest invention human beings have ever created.

From OK Magazine:

THERE’S nothing we love more than settling down for a cosy nap somewhere.

So when we heard about the Ostrich Pillow – a new, bizarre invention that allows users to comfortably sleep anywhere – we just had to find out more.

The creation, which resembles a padded balaclava, is designed to help you to catch a few zzz’s whether it be in the office, on the plane, or waiting for a train.

With space for your mouth and nose, the Ostrich Pillow has two holes at the top – enabling you to rest your face on your desk and keep your hands warm at the same time.

The Pillow – which was created by Ali Ganjavian, 33 from Hampshire, plans to revolutionise the way we take power naps.

Here at OK! HQ – being fans of onesies, duvet suits and such like – we just had to see if we really could get away with having 40 winks in one.

We trialled the Ostrich Pillow – and while drawing some stares from less-informed colleagues – we found it really comfortable, as you can actually face-plant on your desk, stick in your hands and close your eyes.

The quilted Pillow is super-soft and feels like a bean bag, meaning it fits to how you want to snooze and is thick enough to drown out noise around you.

We managed a sleep at our desks, in a meeting, in the corridor and even on the loo in ours – before we got told by the Editor that we’d had our few minutes of fun and to get back to work.

Anyways, the kooky invention – which is named as ostriches like to stick their heads in the sand – has gone viral on the internet after millions of people around the globe heard about it.

Inventor Mr Ganjavian says he needs sales of 70,000 to get the venture going on Kickstarter – so here’s to hoping they catch on and became law in every office around the world.