Waylon Jennings Loved Big Bird More Than Mitt Ever Could

From The Daily Post:

Were Waylon Jennings still alive, he might be penning a song in response to Mitt Romney’s remark last night about stopping the subsidy to PBS. See, PBS is home to Big Bird, and Jennings and Big Bird are good buddies.

Their friendship, an unlikely pairing of outlaw country musician from Littlefield and squeaky-voiced canary from Sesame Street, goes back to the 1985 movie Follow That Bird. In it, Big Bird hitches a ride on Jennings’ turkey truck. He is trying to get back to Sesame Street but fears he’ll never make it. Jennings, sensing his co-pilot’s frustration, uses the occasion to teach him a life lesson about keeping his spirits up and always looking ahead. It results in a jubilant duet on the song “Ain’t No Road Too Long:”