Andrew McCarthy: I Wore A Wig In Pretty In Pink’s Last Scene

From Yahoo:

Andrew McCarthy – ’80s brat pack star-turned-author – says fans with a good eye will be able to catch his less than amazing hair in the last scene of “Pretty in Pink.”

The actor stopped by Access Hollywood Live on Monday to chat about his new book, “The Longest Way Home,” but he also talked about his classic 1986 John Hughes movie with Molly Ringwald.

“We reshot the end of that movie. In the original version, [Molly’s character] ends up with Jon Cryer’s character… with Duckie. They test screened it and everybody said, ‘No, No!’ So we reshot,” the 49-year-old actor recalled.

For the last scene where his Blane character ends up winning back Andie (played by Molly) at the prom, his tuxedo wasn’t the only thing that was rented.

“I was in New York doing in a play and I had shaved my head. They threw a bad wig on me,” he said of the reshoot. “If they knew we’d still be talking about it 25 years later, they would have paid for a better wig.”