To Everyone Threatening to Move to Canada: Let’s Put It In Writing, Please?

From DayRiffer:

“[Actor Stephen] Baldwin has been an outspoken detractor of President Obama and gay marriage — calling the latter ‘unconstitutional’ and once threatening to move to Canada upon the election of the former.”

I’m guessing – guessing here – that, despite Baldwin’s claim, through the years more liberals than conservatives have trotted out this…what, threat? vow? self-dare?…peacock-ish line. It was certainly used by more than a few liberals upon the election, then re-election, of George W. Bush, in 2000 and 2004. Maybe liberals are more comfortable with the idea of splitting the U.S. for Canada (draft evasion, and all).

And to whoever says it, left or right, my question is: What is the point of saying it? Are you trying to tell us that your anger and upset over the current state of things – particularly the head of state – is simply more heartfelt than it is for the rest of us? That you possess a moral integrity that we don’t? Or do you say it just for the shock value, and the points you think you get for saying it?

If it’s for either or both of the first two reasons, then the only way it means anything is for you to, um, go ahead and move to Canada. Please, please – left, right, hockey-lovers, hockey-haters, whatever – show us your moral bona fides and move to Canada.

You don’t get points just for saying it.