Google TV finally gets its own music and video store

From PCWorld:

More than two years after the launch of Google TV, the platform will get its own built-in store for movies, TV shows, and music from Google Play.

The update for Google Play will roll out over the next few weeks, and will allow users to buy or rent content directly from their Google TV devices. The TV & Movies app, which recommends content from live television and online sources, also will be updated to include videos from Google Play.

For developers, the update for Google Play enables subscription billing, auto-updates, and smart-app updates.

Google added the ability to watch movie rentals from its own store in June, but users still had to make their purchases through the Web browser or on another device. Users have also been able to watch YouTube rentals since June, and could always purchase and watch Amazon Instant Video through Google TV. However, none of those solutions work as well as having a built-in app for purchasing new content.

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