Brian Eno’s New App Redefines The Concept Of An Album

From Business Insider:

Brian Eno has created a new iPad app, Scape, that aims to revolutionise the concept of the ‘album’.

“I’ve got nothing against records – I’ve spent my life making them – but they are a kind of historical blip,” says Brian Eno. We’re in his Notting Hill studio talking about Scape, the iPad application that Eno has made with musician and software designer Peter Chilvers. Scape challenges the concept of what an ‘album’ of music can be.

“Until about 120 years ago,” Eno says, “all music was ephemeral in the sense that you would never actually hear the same thing twice. Recording changed that. You could listen to an identical thing over and over and over again and that’s what all of us grew up doing. Most of our experience is of perfectly repeatable music.”

He adds: “Scape is positioned exactly halfway between the traditional experience of music as constantly changing and the last hundred years experience, as a totally fixed thing.”

Scape is a ‘generative’ music app. It contains an album of music by Eno and Chilvers but that’s almost incidental. The real point is to create your own music by arranging icons on the screen. Each icon – an E shape, for example, or a triangle – will play different sounds and each will alter what it plays depending on the other elements you choose.

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