Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant: ‘I once lied about working for NME’

From NME:

Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant has revealed that he once lied about working for NME to gain access to a festival in Marrakech.

The singer pretended he was a journalist for the magazine so that he could get down the front of the barrier and record the folklore music that was being played by the band on stage.

Plant told The Guardian : “Every year there was a folklore festival in Marrakech and I got a press pass. I said I was working for the NME. And I could get right to the front with my recorder, and there were a lot of Berber rhythms that were spectacular.”

The ‘Kashmir’ singer went on to say that he believes he and his bandmate Jimmy Page introduced rock music to India by playing an intoxicated jam in a club while high on “illicit substances”.

He added: “Jimmy and I played in a club in Bombay in 1972. I played drums and he played guitar and it was the only club in Bombay that had a drum kit. Somehow or other we ended up in there with loads and loads of illicit substances.

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