Elton John unveils footage of John Lennon duet

From MSN:

Elton John has unveiled extraordinary footage of his famous onstage performance with John Lennon in New York in 1974.

The painstakingly restored film, shot by a fan, is the only known color footage of the occasion on Nov. 29, 1974, when the former Beatles rocker was the musical guest at John’s concert at Madison Square Garden, which turned out to be Lennon’s final stage performance.

The unique film of the two musicians will accompany John’s performance of “Empty Garden” during his Million Dollar Piano shows in Las Vegas. Mary Ann Summers, who recorded the footage, tells EltonJohn.com, “When Elton began his introduction of John, we were all ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!!’ It was for real! We got up on our seats, a precarious position when you’re dancing and jumping for joy! … When they finished off with ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ — I simply can’t describe the atmosphere — 20,000 people in a place of pure happiness.”