Sex and the Twitter Girl

From The Daily Beast:

A seemingly inane question asked by a New York Times reporter of Tippi Hedren last week led to an online frenzy about the definition of misogyny, cyber-meanness and the role of media.

Is it ever okay to ask a woman you just met about her sex life?

That’s the question that lit up the Twittersphere this week after Jennifer Weiner, bestselling author of Good in Bed and other novels that are often described—however pejoratively—as “chick lit”, insinuated that a New York Times reporter was maybe sort of a misogynist. “Saturday am,” she tweeted. “Iced coffee. NYT mag. See which actress Andrew Goldman has accused of sleeping her way to the top. #traditionsicoulddowithout.”

Goldman writes the popular Q & A column for the Times Magazine. His subject this week was Tippi Hedren, a ‘60s film icon most famous for her starring role in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. Goldman talks about how Hitchcock had tried to blackmail Hedren for sex and then stalked her, and asks the actress if she’d ever considered just giving in for the sake of her career.

Responding to Weiner’s tweet about him, Goldman quickly shot back. “Sensing pattern,” he tweeted. “Little Freud in me thinks you would have liked at least to have had opportunity to sleep way to top.”

Things went downhill from there. Sides were taken. Accusations were made. Fingers were pointed. Goldman was a “douchebag” and a misogynist who should probably be fired. Weiner was “stupid,” her accusation “bonkers.”

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