THIS is how you combine music, social media, and charity:

From O MUsic Awards:

The Avett Brothers have been playing scads of shows lately in support of their new Rick Rubin-produced album, The Carpenter, but this Friday they’re set to perform at a concert that blends music, social media, charity and hometown pride: The Legendary Giveback Concert.

The Legendary Giveback — which takes place on Friday, October 19, at The nTelos Wireless Pavillion in Charlottesville, Virginia — is a new initiative from the makers of North Carolina soda brand, Cheerwine. In accordance with its name, the event is a charitable deal, and all proceeds will go to Operation Homefront, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the University of Virginia Children’s Hospital (the band is playing pro bono).

There’s also a social aspect built into the Legendary Giveback: The whole thing will be livestreamed online, but in order to unlock the stream, fans will have to do a little something for the good of man first. “Any consumer that pledges to give time to their community is going to get this secret code and on Friday night they’ll be able to access the concert online,” says Tom Barbitta of Cheerwine. “That’s giving this Giveback a much bigger footprint in terms of reach.” Also, since Operation Homefront is involved, the show will be broadcast at U.S. military bases across the world.

So why were The Avett Brothers tapped for Cheerwine’s inaugural Giveback show? Not only are they from Concord, a town just 10 miles away from the soda company’s offices in North Carolina, Scott Avett used to do commercials for the brand. “A couple of years ago, Cheerwine approached me about narrating some commercials,” he says. “I said, ‘Well, I don’t want to be a spokesperson for anything that I don’t feel comfortable [with], but I’d love the opportunity to do old-style narration for radio.” Avett studied radio broadcasting in college, so he was itching to put his training to use.

“We’re of the mindset that if someone [gives us the] opportunity [to participate in] a charity event, we figure, ‘Yes’ is pretty much the best answer for that. So we jumped at the opportunity,” Avett says of the band and brand’s most recent partnership.

According to Barbitta, this could be an enduring relationship, too. “It does lend itself to being an annual event, so it’s our hope that we can make it happen again,” he says. “We’ll just have to wait and see how the band feels about that.”

As a concept, The Legendary Giveback is in some ways similar to the recent Global Citizen Festival, which awarded tickets to fans for doing good.