Celebrity sperm donor website claims to have 40 A-listers for you celebrity-obsessed women who want a Fame Baby

From The Sun:

Site Fame Daddy claims to have 40 high-achievers across a number of fields on its books, including a rock star, a genius, an F1 racing driver and a former footballer.

And for a fee starting at £15,000, the “premium insemination service” provides prospective parents with sperm from the donors – which they can use to try for a child.

The site claims that by using sperm from “a proven winner” women can give their child “a head start in life”.

And it boasts of being the ideal way for girls to discover what it would be like to have a child with their favourite celeb.

Applicants are asked to complete a quiz to guide them towards an celebrity donor which suits their “personality, character and lifestyle”.

The 12 questions ask about the what the child’s ideal height and complexion would be, and whether parents would like their offspring to be an impressive actor, musician, or sportsman.

That information is then used to select a father from the available stars – which also include a member of the House of Lords an Oscar-winning actor, an Olympic gold medalist, and a successful entrepreneur.

Later in the process, the website promises that a team of experts can help applicants to “select a Fame Daddy that will compliment your biology and heritage”.