What the New, Unreleased Myspace Will Offer Artists and Fans

From Evolver.fm:

Yes, we all know, the new Myspace redesign is beautiful. The obvious emphasis on aesthetics is even present in its choice of video platform: Rather than use YouTube, it seems the partially-Justin Timberlake-backed company created an account with designer-friendly Vimeo just to release its preview video (above), as if to make a statement about its boutique nature.

Myspace was a lot of things: the place to connect with friends, the site to stream free music, and the platform that gave unknown artists like Lily Allen their big break and a musical career. But what is Myspace now? The new Myspace is no simple visual redesign. Its new features will provide artists with opportunities to communicate with, and direct content towards, their most devoted fans… assuming they see any point in visiting the site.

You can read about Myspace’s gorgeous new look elsewhere; here, we’ll focus on what it will offer musicians and listeners. Myspace has us on the list for early access to the new version, but hasn’t granted that yet, so we did some light investigation by hitting pause on its introductory video to see the new look.

The new search is simple, presenting songs, albums, artists, mixes and people simultaneously, bringing up the results side-by-side. Myspace’s social emphasis is fairly evident, in that you’re not just searching for music, but people who like it.

As for the actual listening features, the persistent music player bar at the bottom lets you keep listening as you explore. It should be easy to queue up songs, as dragging a song will make the fixed navigation bar expand so you can play the song next, last, or add it to your mixes (screenshot below).

The mix feature itself is notable too; users will be able to discover new music by exploring the mixes of friends and artists, giving Myspace a bit of an 8tracks feel. And, similar to Facebook’s little built-in play button (which launches the song your friend is currently listening to via Spotify) you’ll be able to click on the recently-played songs on your friend’s stream and listen in or add it to a mix, although unlike Facebook, it only appears to draw from Myspace activity.

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