There’s an app for everything, even infidelity

From CNET:

Humankind is never satiated.

People make promises in front of altars, and then, soon after, they sacrifice themselves to take another person’s spouse. Because, well, they can. Or they have to. Or they feel like it. Or something.

One excuse I hear is that married lovers are more assiduous — or even more grateful.

The only issue, it seems, is whether your current husband or wife begins to suspect and make investigations.

App developers have not been slow to help your cheating heart beat easily. So I am grateful to the Huffington Post for bringing together some of the more imaginative applications that hide your indiscretions.

There is, for example, Slydial. This neat little affair is your way to get straight through to your illicit lover’s voice mail without his or her current amour sniffing suspiciously.

What is charming about Slydial is that its Web site doesn’t directly address cheaters at all, unlike the site for makers of the Call and Text Eraser App — Cate, as it’s more personally known.

Cate’s creators do offer a variety of uses for their fine invention. They claim it will stop telemarketers in their tracks. They claim it will stop abusive calls (from an ex-spouse, perhaps).

But, at heart, Cate is all about having an invisible log of calls and text messages and being able to hide specific numbers from your contact list. Spouses, you see, have a natural tendency to look in the obvious places for painful clues.

How else to explain Cate’s slogan: “Love is blind, we like to keep it that way”?

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