Why NBC Can’t Make Money from Its Latest “Saturday Night Live” Viral Video

From AllThingsD:

“Saturday Night Live” used to worry that people would watch the sketch show on the Web. Now it embraces the idea.

The show even hires a social media agency to push links and embed codes out early Sunday morning, after a new episode airs, so it will get maximum exposure.

But you can be as Web-savvy as you want, and still bump into stubborn copyright laws. Which is what appeared to happen with this weekend, with a sketch that starred Brunos Mars as a Pandora intern.

As far as NBC.com is concerned, the sketch never happened, which means you can’t see it on the network’s site, or on Hulu, either as a clip or as part of the entire episode’s playback.

The very, very obvious culprit here are music licenses, which are almost always the culprit behind missing SNL sketches: In the course of seven minutes, Mars belts out pieces of songs from Katy Perry, Green Day, Aerosmith and Michael Jackson. And if the show doesn’t have the digital rights to a single piece of a single song, the whole thing goes black on the Web, legally speaking.

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