Is Facebook Advertising For Bands Worth It?

From Hypebot:

Like so many quotes from the 1984 movie This is Spinal Tap, the phrase “Money Talks and Bullshit Walks” still holds up as a truism for the current state of the music business. The onset of digital music may have created a deadwood style free-for-all that lasted a brief moment, however, though the services provided by social media sites remain free, full access to their millions of users now comes with a price.

The monetizing of sites like Facebook was inevitable. The inexhaustible numbers of desperate musicians on a quest for fame, armed with a predatory mindset for friend acquisition, certainly secured the need for heavy policing of their activities. Hence, we are left with timeline algorithms limiting connectivity to fans, and leaving the fans frustrated at the selective updates they receive.

The only real way around this conundrum is to buy your way into the Facebook lives of others via the sites increasingly convoluted advertising platform. Delving into Facebook advertising sure is exciting at first. Setting the parameters of who will see your suggestively placed ad, based on the artists you feel best reflect your sound, gives you feeling that the road to impending fame could be a few Facebook bucks away.

Alas, reality soon kicks in, as the trickle down from the thousands of impressions leads to a iTunes sales report bearing a big fat zero, or a gig attendance more suited to the capacity of a confessional.

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