Kathleen Edwards Has Formed a Girl Group Called ‘Modern Beaver’

From Spinner:

After making a video last week for her song “Chameleon/Comedian” and winning the SOCAN ECHO Songwriting Prize, Kathleen Edwards is back at work with a new girl group side-project called Modern Beaver. Apparently.

Exclaim reported the singer-songwriter was likely working with a new band inspired by the wet, furry dambuilders.

“I have some time off in November and I’m working on this all-lady band called Modern Beaver,” she told the publication, adding it was a “Canadian explosion of sexual fantasy and sloppy rock ‘n’ roll.”

This morning, however, the article’s headline — “Kathleen Edwards Introduces Her New Fake All-Female Canadian Band Modern Beaver” — seemed to rub Edwards the wrong way, inferring the group was fake.

“@exclaimnews please print a correction,” Modern Beaver tweeted. “This is not fake. It’s not a joke. It’s not funny, either. Serious motherfucking beavers here.”

On her own account Edwards also tweeted, “MODERN BEAVER IS REAL. @modernbeaver Suck on this, beavers!!!”

Edwards shed some more light on the project which she said would include herself, Rose Cousins, Jenn Grant, Hannah Georgas and possibly Julie Fader. Both Fader and Georgas have toured with Edwards this year with Fader being part of Edwards’ touring band at times.

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