The most arousing music to play during sex is….

From CNN:

Who would have guessed the most arousing music to play during sex is —

(Fair Warning: Reading any further will cause “Time of my Life” to become stuck your head for the rest of the day.)

That’s right — the soundtrack to the hit ’80s movie “Dirty Dancing.”

And the fact that the 25-year-old soundtrack still gets motors running wasn’t the only surprise finding of a recent study, “Science Behind The Song.”

The study was commissioned by digital music service Spotify to examine the relationship between music, romance and seduction.

“Dirty Dancing” was the top pick for both men and women, although the study’s author, music psychologist Daniel Mullensiefen, also pointed out that men are more willing to adjust their tastes in music in order to ensure “greater success in the bedroom.”

Well played, gentlemen.

Another surprise finding? Respondents said music playing in the background is 40% more likely to turn them on than the touch or feel of their partner.

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