LEAKED: Marissa Mayer’s Plans For Yahoo’s Most Important Product

From Business Insider:

During her first earnings call as CEO of Yahoo on Monday, Marissa Mayer said that she wants the company to focus on products that users will make a part of their daily habits.

Multiple sources tell us one of her biggest efforts toward this goal is something code-named “Project Homerun” – a redesigned Yahoo homepage.

Other than the Facebook News Feed and the Google.com homepage, there is no more visited site on the entire Internet than the Yahoo.com homepage.

Sources tell us that Yahoo will begin rolling out a version of the redesign to between one and two percent of its U.S. users starting November first.

In October, a source sent us a screenshot of one version of the new home page.
Judging by the screenshot, the big changes to the page are:
The search bar is now centered, and is part of a darker toolbar that is fixed to the top of the page as the user scrolls down.
There are far fewer links to Yahoo Sites on the left side. Losers are: Dating, Flickr, Games, Jobs, Messenger, Music, My Yahoo!, and TV.
Local weather has its own module.

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