A Music-Making Interface That Riffs On The Rubik’s Cube

MusixCube from Stefan Horak on Vimeo.

From FastCoDesign:

For most of the history of musical instruments, form followed function. Be it a trumpet or a tambourine, the objects themselves were shaped first and foremost to create a certain quality of sound. But in the MIDI era, when digital samples can reproduce the sound of any instrument at the press of a button, there’s no reason to stay so traditional. Yet there’s got to be a better alternative to sitting at a QWERTY keyboard with a few extra knobs.

MusixCube is a fantastic illustration of this point. A conceptual thesis project by Hauke Scholz, the MusixCube, as you may have guessed, is a riff on the Rubik’s Cube. But rather than unraveling the puzzle, tapping and twisting its surfaces takes you down a strange, fun path of musical creation.

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