Interview: Lang Lang: “Today, every musician can be a radio station”

We spoke to Lang Lang ahead of his keynote address at midem’s Visionary Monday (January 28, 2013), about his engagement with social media.

“I think today, every musician be kind of a radio station” using the myriad tools now on offer to them, said the innovative classical pianist. Just “one or two sentences can make a huge difference” to an artist’s fans, he added.

He also explained that he writes all of his social media updates himself, then lets his team spread his messages via the most relevant platforms.

Lang Lang additionally addressed the topic of artists going direct-to-fan: “the key thing is how do you make it loud and clear that you have a new recording?”

Finaly, he touched on the subject of music & brands, having worked with big names such as Adidas, Audi and many more. Any artist’s collaboration with a brand has got to have “something that touches our heart first,” he said; “it’s got to do something that’s useful to the community.”

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