Crowdfunding Site Kickstarter Kicks Off U.K.-Based Projects From Today, Eyeing Other International Launches

From Techcrunch:

Crowdfunding site Kickstarter has kicked off the launch of U.K.-based projects today. As reported earlier this month, the move marks the first time Kickstarter projects will be able to be built around bank accounts located outside of the U.S. — making it easier for U.K.-based users to list and fund their projects as they can now enter payment info directly on Kickstarter, rather than via Amazon Payments.

Kickstarter is also eyeing other international launches, according to the BBC. Head of community, Yancey Strickler, told the news organisation he plans to expand the site to other countries soon. ”The request to expand internationally has long been one of our most requested features,” he said. ”We certainly are interested. We’re going to see how the UK launch goes and figure out the next moves from there. There’s a lot of places that will be interesting.”

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