INXS ‘Kick’ off box set to mark 25 years

From MSN:

Australian rockers INXS are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their best-selling album, “Kick,” with a lavish box set that includes a wealth of outtakes and additional songs from the sessions as well as a DVD with documentary and live footage.

The group’s Andrew Farriss, who co-wrote the songs on “Kick” with the late INXS frontman Michael Hutchence, tells Billboard it’s been illuminating to delve back into that period of the group’s career in compiling “The Kick 25th Anniversary Edition.”

“I think when the idea (for the box set) came up, most of us were at first sort of thinking, ‘Why? What are we doing?'” Farriss notes. “But we realized that every musician, every songwriter fortunate enough to be able to get their music and songs heard … all want to have their work validated. ‘Kick’ was a very important record for INXS, and potentially may have been an important record for its time. So we wanted to really give people a really good snapshot, if you like, of what we were doing then and what we were trying to do and how we did it. We thought people would think that was really interesting.”

“The Kick 25th Anniversary Edition” — which will be available exclusively via — unearths extra tracks such as “Move On,” “I’m Coming (Home),” “On the Rocks” and “Jesus Was a Man,” as well as the original arrangement of “Never Tear Us Apart” and a selection of demos, remixes and live tracks

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