Is Wikipedia ‘done’? It’s close, says historian

From NBC News:

The suggestion that Wikipedia may be as complete as it’s ever going to be caused a stir over the weekend. But can a community-edited encyclopedia ever really be “done”?

An in-depth article by historian and Wikipedia editor Richard Jensen describes how the Wikipedia entry for the War of 1812 exemplifies the approaching completeness of the online encyclopedia. Posts at The Atlantic and Slashdot attracted significant discussion.

In the early days of that war’s Wikipedia entry, it was being edited dozens of times a day by a dedicated group of history buffs. Now hardly anything has changed in years. And it’s not just the War of 1812 that’s fallen off in activity. The overall edit rate on thousands of articles has slowed to a trickle as the major events, people, and concepts in history are covered more or less comprehensively.

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