How Will MIT’s Reverse Engineering Of Twitter’s Trending Topics Algorithm Impact Twitter’s Advertising Business?

From Andy Johns, Product Manager at Quora in Forbes:

I don’t think it will have any negative impact. It’s implied that perhaps this knowledge can be used by another service to build an advertising product that is similarly effective as Trending Topics, hence creating new competition in the online advertising marketplace. The harder problem is figuring out how to get 100,000,000 or more active users, at which point having solid monetization products becomes invaluable. A group of smart people at MIT can dissect personalization algorithms, but there isn’t a similar path to dissecting what it takes to build a product that reaches a huge scale like Twitter’s. So, there are plenty of other businesses that can learn from this and that may inform the algorithms they build for developing personalized product experiences. But unless they can figure out how to grow to a scale that matters, having really sharp personalization algorithms just doesn’t matter very much.

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