10 most unusual celebrity presidential endorsements

From Yahoo:

As we approach Election Day, it seems the rich and famous have made their picks for president. Aside from the usual suspects, we’ve dug up the 10 most unusual endorsements.

No one knows for sure if celebrity endorsements matter. If you’re Donald Trump or George Clooney, it’s your ability as a fundraiser that’s valuable to candidates.

But the endorsement of a former child star or 1980s rock singer probably isn’t going to influence voters or swing the election.

Still, the media remains fascinated with celebrity presidential endorsements, and for some people, it’s the only way to get their names in the media–unless they can make it on a reality TV show, perhaps.

Honey Boo Boo
The biggest name in cable TV these days is Alana Thompson, the child beauty contestant better known as Honey Boo Boo. In a watershed moment, Honey Boo Boo revealed her presidential endorsement last month on The Jimmy Kimmel Show: Marack Obama. But Kimmel may have confused the seven-year-old by telling her Mitt Romney preferred Snooki over her as a reality TV star. It’s unclear if Thompson knew who Romney or Snooki are.

Meat Loaf
The 1970s singing icon will do anything for … Mitt Romney. The star appeared with Romney in Ohio at a large rally and did a unique rendition of “America the Beautiful.” But according to TMZ, Loaf apparently didn’t register in time to vote in Texas, so we won’t be able to help Romney at the polls.

Martin Sheen
He played a president on The West Wing and is a high-profile Democratic supporter. But what makes his stance on the current election unusual is his very public disregard for Mitt Romney.
“He is, in essence, a very arrogant, very successful businessman [who] believes in unreined free enterprise,” Sheen told The Huffington Post. And those were some of his nicer comments. “He’s a guy that the old phrase applies to: ‘he was born on third base and thought he hit a triple,’” Sheen added.

Hulk Hogan
The pro wrestling icon took time out from his ongoing legal battles in Florida to issue a ringing endorsement of Mitt Romney. “Something needs to change in this country. There’s no reason why this country shouldn’t be up and running and everybody healthy and happy and prosperous. We need a change. I’m just waiting for someone to take the lead and run,” he told The Huffington Post. Hopefully, he’s talking about Romney and not about running for office himself.

Mr. Nuts
He’s a celebrity cat (of sorts) in California who makes predictions for events by showing which litter box he prefers. Mr. Nuts, 10, has correctly predicted Super Bowl outcomes, but this year’s presidential race may be his biggest test yet. At a Fremont, California, pet furniture store, Mr. Nuts was presented with two litter boxes and he “did his business” in the Romney litter box, meaning that he believes Obama will win the election. A local newspaper says Mr. Nuts’ owners are diehard Romney supporters.

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