Woman spends $1M on a house, decides to skip the house inspection for a few hundred dollars. Oops.

From CBC:

A Winnipeg woman says she was shocked to find the $1-million house she recently bought has a mouse infestation so severe, that she has to pay big money to have all the insulation ripped out.

Carrie Forsythe said that after she took possession of the south Winnipeg home in September, she started opening up the walls to renovate it.

That was when she discovered her 5,000-square-foot house was a massive mouse nest, she told CBC News.

“All you see is just feces and urine, just puddles and piles,” Forsythe said.

“The whole vapour barrier is just filled with this nest.”

Forsythe said that for health reasons, she will have to spend at least tens of thousands of dollars to have the mess cleaned up properly.

Every centimetre of drywall has been torn out so that exterminators can remove all the soiled material, and disinfect the building studs and other areas where there was mouse activity.

The house will then have to be reinsulated, and the vapour barrier and drywall will have to be replaced.

“Now I have a shell, which I love, and it will be clean. But someone’s got to help me,” Forsythe said.

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