Kickstarter CEO: No IPO for Us, and No Equity Crowdfunding Either

From AllThingsD:

The tech industry may be fascinated by Kickstarter, but Kickstarter is no normal tech company, said CEO Perry Chen today.

The crowdfunding platform has pushed nearly $350 million into 76,000 projects since April 2009, with 44 percent of them reaching their goals and thus the cash. But Chen said Kickstarter itself, which is backed by Union Square Ventures, Betaworks and lots of angel investors, has no intention of cashing out.

“We don’t ever want to sell this company, we don’t ever want to IPO. We want to build this institution for generations,” he said, speaking at the GigaOM Roadmap conference in San Francisco.
And further, Kickstarter has no plans to get into equity crowdfunding — where small backers would get a piece of the companies they fund — despite legislative efforts like the JOBS Act to make such investments more accessible and legal.

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