New iOS app ShadowMe allows anyone to peek into Twitter feeds of users. Is it an invasion of privacy?

From CNET:

t’s always been easy on Twitter to see someone else’s @-replies, simply by doing a search for say, “@LadyGaga.”

But what if you wanted to see more than that? What if you wanted to pretend you were the global pop superstar and fashion icon and peek into her Twitter feed to see what all the people she follows were saying?

Until now, there’s been no easy way to do that directly through any of Twitter’s official apps — although it’s a simple thing to do in a client like TweetDeck. But with the release of ShadowMe, a new app for iOS 6, anyone can peer at any time directly into that small slice of the world that is another person’s Twitter feed.

Is it an invasion of privacy? Maybe, from a moral point of view. But not really, because there’s never been any restriction on seeing who someone else follows, and then going and seeing what those people were tweeting. But like so many such views into other people’s lives, that’s a slow, cumbersome workaround, and not something that most people are likely to spend much time doing.

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