Ronnie Dunn Gets Vocal on the Music Business & the Digital Age

A CNET article titled ‘What Happens When the CD Factory Closes?’ got Ronnie Dunn fired up. He took to Facebook to post his thoughts on the digital age of music. He called out his age group as a demographic that complains about the demise of ‘real’ country music and urged them to get on board with the digital revolution.

By Ronnie Dunn on his Facebook page:

Yes…baby boomers and beyond have been left behind by the music business !

It’s not that you have AGED OUT. Statistics show that you do not download. Record labels live by research and statistics.
Guess who hasn’t shown up IN MASS as a buying group on the download / digital front…….YOU.

I’ve said for years that the final straw needed to complete the final transformation to an all digital playing field for music will be the day that automobile (PICKUP TRUCK) manufacturers stop putting cd players in cars. Well, it’s happened. Ford announced, in July that it is phasing out cd players in it’s vehicles.
If you’re a baby boomer and feeling like YOUR kind (genre) of music …”country music”, etc. has been tossed by the wayside and you have been left in the dust, this is your opportunity to take your COUNTRY back. Do yourself a favor. Learn to download asap.

The music business has, most definitely placed it’s focus and energy on developing a MUCH YOUNGER than normal demographic because the market has become digital.
Baby boomers and beyond do not download music like Generation X.
The music industry, especially the “COUNTRY” music business….in, “do or die” fashion, leap frogged over your age group to get to that very young demographic.

I cannot remember the last time that I listened to an entire cd in one sitting. I have downloaded my music and made my own playlists for years. So have kids.
I can, if it’s really good….get through a 3 to 5 song EP /short cd. Google EP.

Get your hands on an iPod, Iphone, smart phone, use your laptop with external speakers. Learn to use BLUE TOOTH (wireless interfacing) technology.
Now, you can simply plug a wire that comes built into your vehicle into any of these devices and have complete control over what you choose to listen to. I just put had a complete digital unit put in my 1956 pickup 🙂
Yes…that can get expensive by most standards but there are inexpensive iPods / phones out there.

I’ve found MORE music online than I ever did at a music store. Most music stores are phasing cds out. They just won’t tell you that. The digital selections are absolutely, endless.
You push a button and the song or cd of your choice shows up on your computer in less that a 30 seconds in many cases.
If you’re REALLY a music fan and REALLY mean it when you tell me that YOU MISS REAL COUNTRY MUSIC….”you want to hear YOUR kind of country music…. simply go to iTunes / Amazon, etc. and download it to your computer for $.99 and transfer it to your phone, iPod or other listening devices. It’s not hard.

Once you unite and show up as a serious consumer block the BUSINESS will come to you 🙂

…..YOU can turn the music business around. YOU can bring
YOUR country music back. It’s the beauty of the internet.

….sorry for typos, misspellings, etc. my editor is off today 🙂