Stream Point Blank’s new X History album in full

Entertainment One (eOne) distributed label Tilt Rock Records releases new
Point Blank album, video “X-History.”

Toronto, ON – November 6, 2012 – Canadian-based rap recording artists, Point Blank are set to release the video premiere of their latest single X-History to coincide with the release of the album of the same name on November 6th, 2012.

It is the first release since the critically-acclaimed, self-titled, debut album Point Blank, which debuted at #1 on the Canadian Soundscan Independent Album Charts. The long-awaited album will be distributed through Entertainment One (eOne) to be released on November 6, 2012, leading up to the Day of Remembrance – a relevant theme within the lyrics and visual elements of the X-History video. The track is written and performed solo by Stump Gets; one-sixth of the Point Blank group, who said:

“I was inspired by an interview featuring Sophia Stewart, creator of The Matrix. Her insights into the future led me to analyze the past, present and future of humanity and also explore the exploitation that has been experienced by people as a collective. The song challenges oppressive narratives and silent stories while promoting the Point Blank culture of loyalty to roots and community. It also highlights our loyalty to the hip-hop culture. As a group of independent artists we have witnessed our share of exploitation in the music industry and the oppressive nature of the industry. It can change you if you’re not strong. X-History is an anthem of strength.”

The video is filmed and directed by Cam Sullivan for The Field Inc. As a recurring theme consistent in all Point Blank videos, X-History video pays homage to the pre-revitalization Regent Park neighbourhood, the stomping grounds of the Point Blank group. Known for using their art as a form resistance, the single and video represents the not only untold stories of past Regent Park community members, but also recognizes the stories of other communities and nations that the group identifies with.

“If the issues of these groups are not within the mainstream media, not being discussed in households, silenced in the present day curriculum and removed from everyday conversations, they are voiceless. As a group we have always been committed to using our platform to be a voice for these faceless, nameless groups as a part of the Point Blank movement, which is a movement that challenges oppressive systems, institutions and practices,” says group member Imperial.

With the hook “You ain’t X-ing me/ outta history with your new technology/ out tryna follow me/f*ck the rest is our secret society…” X-History honours Black History images of Marcus Garvey, Jesse Owens, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, The Black Panther Party, The Red Tail Air Pilots, Haile Selassie, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, among others.

The X-History video release is the first part of a trilogy that the group plans to release to coincide with the X-History album. Fans can look forward to follow up video releases for the tracks titled Loyalty,and Glory.

About Point Blank:
Point Blank is one of the most recognized rap groups that are based in Toronto. They have been well -received internationally with their chart topping hit single Born and Raised in the Ghetto off their debut album Point Blank, that has led them to receive award nominations in the US and Canada including nods from the Juno Award and Much Music Video Awards. The Born and Raised in the Ghetto video has garnered over one million views via Youtube worldwide. Point Blank’s self- titled album was released in August of 2008; debuting at #1 on the Nielson Soundscan Canadian Independent Charts, Top 5 on the Canadian Independent Rap Charts and remained a Toronto top-seller for 3 consecutive weeks.