NBC Universal and American Express Try to Bring Dawn of ‘Television Commerce’

From Adage:

The idea of buying something you see in a TV show by pressing a button on your remote or smartphone has long been the stuff of futurist gabbing or science fiction. Now NBC Universal and American Express are the latest to try to turn the idea into reality.

The companies have formed a partnership that will let consumers purchase products “inspired by” NBC Universal programs directly from a mobile device while the programs are airing.

To do so, they’ll use Zeebox, the social TV app in which NBC Universal and its parent Comcast Corp. took a stake earlier this year. The app, which works on certain tablets and smartphones, lets users converse in real time with friends who are watching the same show, or follow related Twitter and Facebook feeds. Under the new program, Zeebox will also give users information about how they can purchase show-related items such as couture and kitchenware.

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