Tumblr Grows To Surpass 20 Billion Pageviews Per Month

From Hypebot:

Yesterday at GigaOm’s Roadmap Conference in San Francisco, Tumblr CEO David Karp shared his company’s latest growth statistics surrounding the popular micro-blogging site. According to Karp, Tumblr is now witnessing 20 billion pageviews per month, an increase from the 15 billion per month seen at the beginning of 2012. This represents a 30% growth rate per year for the company, as they once saw 13 billion pageviews per month in September of 2011, and just over 4 billion per month in January 2011.

Considering the impressive figures at hand and the rise in new users outside of the ordinal base, Karp believes that his company’s growth is still largely due to the smaller community of content creators that exists within the platform.

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