YouTube and VEVO’s partnership to continue for the forseeable future

From The CMU Website:

YouTube and VEVO will renew their partnership, according to YouTube’s chief in Japan and Korea John Hirai. There has been speculation that VEVO – the music video service owned by Sony and Universal Music, which licenses its own content and sells its own advertising, but which uses YouTube technology and gets a lot of its traffic via the Google-owned video platform – might look for a new technology partner once its current deal is up.

Though that always seemed unlikely, despite Sony Music boss Doug Morris – who spearheaded the launch of VEVO in his previous job running Universal Music – complaining earlier this year about Google’s fees. Aside from Google’s video player technology being amongst the best online, the benefit VEVO gets from having YouTube users sent in its direction when they search for music on YouTube remains hugely important, despite VEVO slowly building its own following.

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