Against Me! Promise ‘Transgender Dysphoria Blues’ Will ‘Absolutely Destroy’

From Spin Magazine:

It’s safe to say that following Tom Gabel’s brave public rebirth as Laura Jane Grace, anticipation is running high for Against Me!’s sixth album. Content-wise, we know a bit of what 2013’s Transgender Dysphoria Blues is about — the singer’s personal struggle with the titular condition, of course, and it will also serve as a concept album about a transgender prostitute.

But in an interview with MTV Hive over the weekend, bassist Andrew Seward gave us an idea of what to expect musically following the Floridian band’s unlikely dip into “crowd-pleasing power pop” with 2010’s White Crosses: “It just sounds fucking killer,” he said at Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest. “I don’t know if ‘brutal’ is the right word, but it just sounds really fucking tough, and good.”

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