Court case in ELO member Mike Edwards’ death is still ongoing – 2 years later.

From The Daily Mail:

A founder member of the Electric Light Orchestra was killed in a freak accident when a half tonne hay bale rolled down a steep field into his vehicle, a court heard today.

Mike Edwards, 62, was a former cellist with the 1970s ELO band, and was killed in September 2010 when the bale rolled down the grass field, through a wire fence and thin hedge into the path of his van as he drove along a busy A road in Devon.

Yesterday the farmer and an agricultural contractor both went on trial each charged with two health and safety offences, which they both deny.

As the case began at Plymouth Crown Court, the trial judge Paul Darlow told the jury: ‘The deceased person driving the van was someone who was, certainly to some of us of a certain generation, quite a well known musician.’

Prosecutor Rupert Lowe told the jury: ‘The case arises out of a fatal accident which took place two years ago in September 2010.

‘It was 3rd September just before lunchtime when a man called Mike Edwards was driving along the A381 near Halwell in Devon when a large round bale of hay weighing half a tonne burst through a hedge near where he was driving and crashed on to the roof of his car (van).

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