News Feed, EdgeRank and page posts: what’s really going on with Facebook? Here are the answers.

From Inside Facebook:

Many marketers and page owners have been decrying Facebook’s News Feed algorithm that controls who sees their posts.

There have been claims that the company is manipulating the algorithm — sometimes referred to as EdgeRank — to limit the reach of page posts and force admins to buy ads to get their content seen. Some have called for Facebook to eliminate its algorithms, giving users the chance to see everything in the feed and then hide what they don’t want.

We looked to the Inside Facebook archives and spoke to News Feed product manager Will Cathcart to understand what was actually going on.

The fact is pages have almost never reached their full audience — except for a short test in 2009. Now that there is more activity on Facebook and thus more competition for News Feed distribution, the company has introduced a way for page owners to pay to get their most important posts seen by more fans and friends of fans. At the same time, Facebook is continuing to improve its algorithms to show users the posts they are most likely to engage with and not show the ones they aren’t. This means some posts aren’t going as far as they might have in the past.

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions based on what we’ve learned from research, interviews and personal experience managing pages.

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