Wild Horses: ’69 Mick Jagger Love Letters Up for Auction

From The Guardian and Spin Magazine:

The Rolling Stones generally left the goopy romantic stuff to the Beatles, but Mick Jagger could write a sensitive love letter when he needed to. Marsha Hunt, the singer who starred in the original London production of Hair and is the mother of Jagger’s first child, is auctioning off letters the singer wrote her in the summer of 1969, as the Guardian reports. “I’m broke,” Hunt is quoted as explaining.

Ten letters are being sold, all written in July and August of 1969 when Jagger was filming Ned Kelly in New South Wales. They paint a picture far removed from the popular media image of Jagger at the time. He talks about the books Hunt sent him for his birthday – “toying” through Nijinsky’s diaries, reading about Navajo Indians, enjoying the poems of Emily “Dix” (Dickinson). In another he recounts being excited at meeting Isherwood, who was coming to discuss a screenplay of Robert Graves’ I Claudius. “… I hope I get the part of Caligula,” he writes.

Jagger uses one letter to talk about an unrealised future project of an intimate performance that would include “all our medias – films, music, drama and magic” in a “procession of images”.

That’s not to say the Jagger swagger is not in the letters too. He went to one party and the “chicks” were so plain that all he could do was eat chocolate eclairs. No boogaloo was happening, he laments.

There are also references to what was by any measure a fantastically eventful summer. For example, he dates his letter of the 20 July “Sunday the Moon” to mark the first moon landing; he talks about his regret at missing the Isle of Wight festival – where Dylan made his spectacular comeback – as well as “John & Yoko boring everybody”.

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