Woman wins $28 million in lottery. Here comes the anger and online trolls.

From The Courier Mail:

WHEN a Victorian woman this week took home $28 million in Oz Lotto, the response showed how many people need a good dose of perspective.

I hope it brings misery, one small-minded reader told couriermail.com.au. It was rigged, another claimed. How can we constantly whinge about the lack of funds for research and scrape together $100 million for gambling? Judy-Ann asked.

The vitriol wasn’t only directed at the happy winner, or the organisers, or our priorities. Charities were lambasted by readers before they even raised their heads.

“Let’s just hope that those that (sic) won not only spend their money wisely but the charities don’t hound them every five minutes like they do,” True Blue Aussie of Brisbane said.

Peter of Wishart advised the winner to stay anonymous so charities couldn’t find them, and a reader at Gin Gin gave some advice about charities to the winner: “Tell them to get stuffed,” he wrote.

A woman wins $28 million, and that’s our response. It’s just plain sad. And it highlights two issues: firstly, how anonymous commentary on social media can be ill-mannered, rude and obnoxious; and secondly, how we need to shake up those cynical attitudes that can dominate the news agenda.

The win was only a small story, buried among a US election and a Melbourne Cup, but it wasn’t the only example pleading for perspective.

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