Simon Fuller reportedly teaming up with Lord Rothschild in bid for EMI record labels

From Sky News:

Simon Fuller, the music impresario who launched the careers of the Spice Girls, is on the verge of securing a more unlikely partnership: teaming up with septuagenarian investor Lord Rothschild to bid for a host of EMI record labels.

Mr Fuller, the owner of XIX Entertainment, has approached a number of potential investors about backing a bid he is assembling for Parlophone and a number of the music industry’s other best-known names.

I have learned that the media tycoon is in talks with RIT Capital Partners, the investment trust chaired by Lord Rothschild, and other firms to inject hundreds of millions of pounds into a takeover of the EMI labels.

The assets, which include the Sanctuary label and the Now music compilation series, have been put up for sale by Universal Music Group as part of an agreement with the European Commission.

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