Hurricane Sandy: Music Marketing In The Context Of A Disaster

From Hypebot:

Hurricane Sandy is deeply affecting the music world in ways we’re only beginning to discover. Not just New York but many cities and regions were affected. Not just the U.S. but nations such as Haiti and Cuba lost many lives. I’ve been thinking about the place of musicians and music marketing in such a disaster and it’s taken me awhile to sort out some thoughts I believe are worth sharing.

To some degree this post is a follow-up to an earlier post “Is Occupy Wall Street Fair Game For Music Marketing?” Just as Occupy Wall Street related to a broad spectrum of the population that included musicians, Hurricane Sandy is also having broad effects that include musicians. But the immediacy of the Hurricane Sandy disaster undermines any attempt at justifying cynical forms of opportunism.

I’ve been in touch with Kosha Dillz, who’s written multiple guest posts for Hypebot on his unique approach to getting booked at music festivals and winning on Warped Tour. We spoke once on the phone and then exchanged emails. He was in the Manasquan Jersey Shore in which much was destroyed and power was only recently restored.

Kosha comes out of the hip hop school of marketing in which one is always “on the grind.” Yet he was initially faced with the fact that many of the tactics that work for him in everyday settings end up looking pretty cynical in the face of destruction even when one is speaking tongue in cheek.

Saving Norton Records after Hurricane Sandy from Dust & Grooves on Vimeo.

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