Justin Timberlake, Tim and Chris Vanderhook Detail MySpace’s New Music-Centric Design

From Billboard:

If the MySpace of yore was about empowering users to make new friends and collect them in a Top 8 column, then the new MySpace under Specific Media and Justin Timberlake wants to make musicians those users and fans those friends in the Top 8.

Speaking at a press event unveiling the new Myspace’s private beta to media Thursday in Los Angeles, Timberlake, along with Specific’s Tim and Chris Vanderhook, shed additional insight into the next phase of the music-centric Myspace, which will remain in invite-only beta through early 2013. For starters, the site is starting from scratch in design and user data, asking users to create an all-new profile via MySpace, Facebook Connect, Twitter Connect or classic MySpace.

The new design has a horizontal scroll where users can find updates on friends and artists’ latest song-listening and playlist activity from MySpace’s album-length library of over 42 million songs (a la Spotify), a music player at the bottom of the screen that plays music continuously as you surf to other pages (a la Pitchfork) and artist pages that rank the act’s most-played songs and music videos as well as most active fans. It’s the latter aspect that’s most compelling to artists like Timberlake, who said, “When I have something I wanna say, how can I get a direct feed straight to who cares about it?”

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