The Next Frontier for Touring Musicians: Living Rooms?

From The Atlantic:

The hand-scrawled orange sign on his fluorescent-green shopping cart reads, “My Name is” His full name is Gideon Irving. He’s a young New York singer, songwriter, raconteur, and entertainer. And his favorite performance venues are in strangers’ homes, preferably living rooms—and a few choice kitchens—where he parks his prop and musical instrument-filled cart, and then does his act for no fee as long as long as he’s fed, allowed to sell his latest CD, and invited to sleep the night.

“Someone’s home is a venue like any other with its own unique properties and values,” he told me after an exhausting recent tour of New York living rooms. “It is an opportunity to play for small crowds without the hassles inherent in a noisy club, and experience space I wouldn’t ordinarily see.”

This isn’t just a lark: He’s been doing it across continents, over hundreds of shows, matching a hippie-era communal ethos with the networking power of the Internet.

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