After three years in the making, Ten Commandments monument at Oklahoma state capitol finally unveiled. Without running it through spell check.

From KJRH:

Three years into the making, Oklahoma’s Capitol building unveiled a monument of the Ten Commandments on the north side of the grounds Thursday.

With misspellings.

The 6-foot tall monument reads “Remember the Sabbeth day, to keep it holy.” Further down, the stone script appears to spell “maidservant” with a U instead of a V.

The problem didn’t seem to worry Oklahoma State Representative Mike Ritze, who paid $10,000 of his own money to see the monument’s creation.

“It’s a simple oversight and it will be fixed quite easily is my understanding, but the monument company said there’s no problem with fixing that,” said Ritze, a Broken Arrow native. “They are a reputable company that does monuments all over the country and the state.”

And while the ACLU opposed the monument when Ritze first proposed it back in 2009, they have no current plans to file a lawsuit for its removal.

Below is an ACLU statement regarding the monument:

The First Amendment of the Constitution seeks to ensure that, regardless of what religion a person chooses to practice or if an individual decides to practice no religion at all, that they stand as equals in the eyes of the government. When the government literally puts one faith on a pedestal, it sends a message to Oklahomans of different religions that they are less than equal. The ACLU of Oklahoma strongly defends the right of Oklahomans to make their own decisions about faith and religion, and encourages lawmakers to spend more time governing our state and less time concocting schemes that divide our people along their deeply held and personal beliefs.
– Ryan Kiesel, executive director

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