AC/DC now on iTunes, no sign on streaming services

From TechRadar:

If a band’s success is judged by how long they can hold off from selling their music on iTunes, AC/DC were bigger than the Beatles. But the Australian rock outfit has today joined the Fab Four, releasing their back-catalogue on Apple’s store.

Like the Beatles, Acca Dacca is selling all its individual albums “Remastered for iTunes”, as well as offering two album collections.

The first is the Studio Collection, which includes all the albums in a single digital box set, with iTunes LP liner notes and photos. The Complete Set includes all the albums, plus rarities, demos and four live albums along with extensive essays and iTunes LP liner notes.

There’s still no sight of the band on streaming services like Spotify or RDIO. Given the rise of similar services in recent times, this move may seem odd, although discussions of what artists actually make from a Spotify stream could explain the band’s reluctance.

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