Deadmau5 @FutureSound: EDM’s Rise, ‘Self-Fulfilling Hype’ and the Branding Power of the Mouse Head

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - NOV 16: deadmau5 (aka Joel Zimmerman) and Bill Werde, Editorial Director, Billboard; during Keynote Q&A.(Photo: Arnold Turner)

From Billboard:

SAN FRANCISCO–Deadmau5 says EDM is not an acronym for electronic dance music. It’s for “event-driven marketing.”

As DJ shows rake in more money, they’re also becoming less about the music, said the 31-year-old Canadian, whose real name is Joel Zimmerman.

“A popular DJ is now heralded more for his production than his music selection,” said Zimmerman in a wide-ranging discussion with Billboard editorial director Bill Werde on Friday at the FutureSound conference at Terra in San Francisco.

Appearing without his trademark mouse head, Zimmerman said the EDM business was, for DJs like himself, “minimum work for maximum profit.”

But he slammed a Forbes article published August on “The World’s Highest Paid DJ’s,” in which he was listed at No. 6 with a reported $11.5 million in annual earnings, a figure that he argued was inaccurate.

“After I saw the article, I called my manger and said, ‘Yo, what the f—? I’m $9 million short, dude. We gotta talk,'” Zimmerman joked. “Nobody is making that kind of profit.”

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