Kim Dotcom’s plan to give New Zealanders free internet

From The Next Web:

The self-proclaimed king of the internet was the founder and operator of file sharing giant Megaupload — a haven for pirates and file users alike — ran successfully for many years, until one day the police descended on his mansion in New Zealand. With guns, a SWAT team and helicopters they stormed his home, arresting him and confiscating almost all of his property.

Since then, he hasn’t left the public eye — especially in New Zealand — where he’s in the headlines seemingly almost every day. Be it because he invites random people from Twitter over for a pool party, calling out politicians for foul play, or because he’s reviving Megaupload under a new banner.

Now, the larger than life celebrity has promised something even better than a encrypted new haven for your files; free fibre internet for everyone in New Zealand. Dotcom took to Twitter recently with a new-found passion, promising that he would relaunch the “Pacific Fibre” project for the country and deliver “free broadband for all [New Zealanders].” How exactly does he plan to do that? By suing the pants off the American movie industry.

The new Mega company will be based in NZ & become it’s most valuable IT biz. I will relaunch Pacific Fibre. Free broadband for all Kiwi’s 🙂

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