Ke$ha, Kelly Clarkson, Rita Ora and pop’s new obsession with death

From The Guardian:

Until recently, rug-cutting party anthems would summon us to the dancefloor with the promise of it being like 1999, or some party rock in the house, or a few hoochie mamas showing their nanas. Now, step forward Ke$ha. Her contribution to the clubbing canon, new single Die Young, exhorts us to party as if we’re going to end up mangled in some horrible car crash on the way home.

What’s to blame for pop’s current necro-love? Fear of the forthcoming Mayan apocalypse? A zeitgeisty mirror reflecting socio-economic woes? Record companies grumbling, “Why can’t you be a bit more like Florence Welch?” For today’s pop star, singing about the grim reaper has become par for the course, and here’s the real reason: it’s because their fans want it that way. If they’re not posting fan fiction about Harry Styles being diagnosed with cancer (yes, really), then the little trolls are tweeting nasty death threats to One Direction’s girlfriends or Cher Lloyd. What’s more, for a generation raised on Twilight, Harry Potter and their older siblings’ My Chemical Romance MP3s, songs about death probably seem normal.

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